Comentarios de los clientes

Comentarios de los clientes

Nuestro equipo de ajustadores públicos experimentados y con licencia se dedica a asegurar que nuestros clientes reciban el máximo acuerdo que se les debe. Cuando usted presenta un reclamo de seguro con un ajustador público de D.C. Hogan & Associates de su lado, usted verá la diferencia en su pago. Y si no, SIN RECUPERACIÓN = SIN CUOTA.

He aquí algunos ejemplos de nuestros resultados de recuperación:

Type of Claim Original Claim D.C. Hogan Settlement
Daños por granizo/hielo $258,000.00 $1,235,000.000
Salve $0 $458,000.00
Huracán $22,185.98 $54,178.54
Huracán $34,458.21 $177,115.26
Tubería rota $30,873.66 $53,934.51
Inundación $38,459.82 $102,539.35


“Great Public Adjuster – Honest, Fair and 100% dependable. Extremely satisfied with his services. Would definitely recommend this Public Adjuster”

- Christine L.

“Daniel is knowledgeable, professional and thoroughly explained to us what to expect. He loves what he does and it shows!! I was beyond ready to throw in the towel and just give up but DANIEL C. HOGAN remained steadfast, continued to fight for us, and WON!!!…If you know someone who needs an ADJUSTER to go TOE-TO-TOE with their insurance company on their behalf, forward them DANIEL’S information. You will NOT be disappointed!!”

- Kessa G.

“Dan is an honest, experienced, hard working professional who will FIGHT for every penny the insurance company owes you for the damage…I am so thankful for Dan who fought hard to ensure I received the maximum payout from the insurance company and continued to do his due diligence to ensure timely response from the insurance company. I am so grateful for all the support and help Dan provided throughout this somewhat arduous process (the insurance companies really like to drag their feet when it comes to payout) and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of the process. In the end, I was rightly compensated by the insurance company and Dan is the one who made it happen!”

- Haider A.

“We used Dan’s services for our Harvey flood claim and are so thankful a friend recommended him to us. His knowledge of the claim process and of every item that needed to be included were of great value. He met our insurance adjuster at the house with us, reviewed all of her reports, provided his own 50+ page document of our loss and is the reason we got the correct settlement in the end. I have no doubt it would have been significantly less had we not had Dan on our side.”

- Mark R.

“Our house was severely damaged during the Feb 2021 winter storm because of burst pipes, and our case kept been delayed by insurance company and it stressed me out dealing with everything on our own. We were fortunate to have found Dan, who responded to our inquires with patience and compassion from the beginning. He acted quickly after we decided to hire him, went through the damages carefully and had a very thorough report out within a short time frame, and step by step lead us to the settlement. We were impressed by not just his knowledge and professionalism but also his honesty and transparency throughout the process. Thank you very much Dan, we will not hesitate a second to recommend to anyone in need.”

- Lisa T.

Clientes anteriores

Client Location
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Guardería La Amistad Houston, TX
Centro Stonesthrow Friendswood, TX
Posada de los Viajeros Elizabeth City, NC
Watersports, Inc. Roanoke, NC
Iglesia de la Unidad Vero Beach, FL

Communicase con: D. C. Hogan Y Associados (281) 333-0602 Oficina

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