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Public Adjusters (PAs), also referred to as Public Insurance Adjusters, are employed by YOU, the policyholder, to advocate on your behalf. We are licensed professionals trained to handle property loss insurance claims for individual homeowners and businesses. Your Insurance Company may already have their own Adjuster assigned to your claim, but Public Adjusters are completely INDEPENDENTand UNAFFILIATED with insurance companies; we solely advocate for your interests to your Insurance Company and their Adjuster.

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Billing and fees are dictated by the state’s Department of Insurance and so public adjuster costs may differ in certain states (please call for more specific information). Typically, rather than billing at an hourly rate or charging set service fees, we receive compensation in the form of a small percentage of your recovery settlement (state statute sets this usually around 10% of the loss). That means NO RECOVERY = NO FEES. If D.C. Hogan & Associates can’t get you a settlement for your claim, you won’t have to pay. This is our guarantee that we’ll do EVERYTHING we can to make sure you get the best payout afforded by your insurance policy

At D.C. Hogan & Associates, we have over 15 years of experience working with homeowners and business owners. We are a full-time adjusting firm specializing in all types of insurance claim. We understand the insurance claims process (we’ve even been through it ourselves!) and we will fight for your claim as if it were our own.

There are three types of Claims Adjusters:

● Staff/Company Adjuster – assigned and employed by the Insurance Company

● Independent Adjuster – hired on a contractual basis by the Insurance Company

● Public Adjuster (P.A.) – personally hired by the policyholder

Whereas your Insurance Company may already have their own Adjuster assigned to your claim, Public Adjusters are completely INDEPENDENT and UNAFFILIATED with insurance companies; that means we will solely advocate for your interests to your Insurance Company and their Adjuster.

The time for the insurance claims process varies depending on a number of factors, such as how busy your insurance company is, how many claims are being processed, etc. We strive to get your settlement completed within 30-60 days.

While attorneys are considered experts on legal matters, public adjusters are experts SPECIFICALLY on property damage claims. In fact, attorneys often contract Public Adjusters for our expertise in evaluating, Estimating and appraising the scope of loss. So as for which you need, if you need legal advice, seek an attorney, but if you need assistance with completing the claims process, give us a call!

The earlier in the claims process we can get involved, the better. It should be noted that, depending on the state, different types of claims have time limits for when you can still file a claim. For example, in most states, policyholders have only one year from the time of the damage/incident to file their claim. Contact us about your case and we can discuss your state’s requirements and deadlines.

Depending on how long it’s been since your initial claim, you may still be qualified to file a Supplemental Claim with your Insurance Company. Give us a call today so we can discuss and Review your claim options!

It’s possible your insurance policy may provide for other non-repair expenses. For example, many policyholders don’t realize that their policy includes coverage of Additional Living Expenses (ALEs)–if you are forced to live elsewhere during the repair process you could be reimbursed by your Insurance Company for it. And that’s just one example of sources of money for your payout that our public adjuster will be looking for when reviewing your insurance policy.

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Don’t be at a disadvantage when negotiating your claim with your Insurance Company and their insurance adjuster. You need a professional public insurance claim adjuster on your side advocating FOR YOU, the policyholder. Contact us today to learn more about how our public adjusters can help maximize and expedite your insurance claim, and get you the full and fair recovery settlement you deserve when you need it.

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