What is a Public Insurance Adjuster & do I need one?

Public Insurance Adjusters are employed by you the policyholder, to advocate on your behalf and have absolutely no affiliation with your Insurance Company.

A typical Insurance policy may have hundred of provisions and stipulations, constantly changing forms and endorsements. Public Insurance Adjusters know the Insurance business and are familiar with all the procedures so as to maximize and expedite your loss. Public Insurance Adjusters can relieve all the stress and hours involved in settling your claim, letting you get back to living.

The Duties after Loss

  1. A Public Insurance Adjuster inspects the damage with paying attention to the details.
  2. A Public Insurance Adjuster sifts through the debris of damaged personal property, documenting and inventorying each item to ensure every dime is accounted for.
  3. A Public Insurance Adjuster will measure and take hundred of photographs of loss.
  4. A Public Insurance Adjuster will review the Insured Insurance policy for coverage disputes.
  5. A Public Insurance Adjuster will estimate the amount of loss using the latest software and submit the findings to the Insurance Carrier.
  6. A Public Insurance Adjuster will meet the Insurance claim Adjuster on site to review the finding and argue on your behalf.
  7. A Public Insurance Adjuster will negotiate and maximize your settlement.
  8. A Public Insurance Adjuster will file a Proof of Loss with your Insurance Company.

The duties after a loss may seem overwhelming, and for someone not in the field of adjusting it very well can be. Truly getting professional help from a Public Insurance Adjuster is the best way to navigate the claim process. In a case of a major storm that maybe in your direct path you should contact the Public Insurance Adjuster of your choice before hand as to not be on a long waiting list. Public Insurance Adjusters are few compared with Insurance claim Adjusters and are highly regulated by your State Department of Insurance.

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