Hurricane Damage

Windstorm Damage

When storms hit, your home will be vulnerable to damages from wind, rain, debris, and more. The weather can be unpredictable but with a good homeowners insurance policy, you can be ready for the unexpected. Storm damage, wind damage, and hurricane damage can be devastating to your home. Let me ensure your claim gets the attention it deserves so you get the compensation you deserve.


What is storm damage?

Storm damage refers to specific types of home and property damage caused by a storm-related event. From high velocity winds, heavy rain, and more, storms can cause all sorts of damage to your home and property. Individual homeowners insurance policies vary in how they define storm damage.

Types of storm damage may include:

  • Water Damage and Ice Damage – If water enters your home through a storm-created opening, it could lead to water damage.
  • Lightning strikes and Lightning damage – If lightning damages your home either directly or indirectly via electrical fires, you may be eligible for compensation.
  • Fallen tree damage – When trees fall due to storm winds and rains, you may be able to file a claim depending on the nature of the damage caused by the fallen tree and branches.
  • Wind damage – From roof shingles knocked loose to flying debris, damage caused by strong winds may be covered in your storm insurance policy.
  • Power surges and power outages – Certain policies may offer reimbursement for problems and damage caused by power outages during a storm (such as food spoilage).

It should be noted that most homeowners insurance does not include flood damage or hurricane damage in their storm damage policies.


Homeowners Insurance and Storm Damage Insurance

Storm damage insurance is not a standalone type of insurance–it’s considered part of your homeowners policy. Most standard homeowners insurance policies include storm insurance coverage, but individual policies vary in what gets covered and what doesn’t. For example, water damage from a storm is typically covered if the rainwater enters through an opening created by stormwinds. Water damage caused by floodwater may not be covered (requires separate flood insurance).

Understanding your homeowners insurance policy can be difficult and all the stipulations and requirements for insurance claims can be confusing. I can help. With years of experience handling storm insurance claims, I will stand for you against your insurance company to ensure maximum compensation.


Public Insurance Adjuster for Storm Damage

When disaster strikes and storms roll through, your home and many others may be affected leading to an influx of claims to the insurance companies. Don’t let your claim go overlooked. As a licensed public insurance adjuster, I’ll work to maximize your claim and secure your fair settlement.

When you file an insurance claim after a storm, your insurance company will send their adjuster to assess your home and damages. While this type of adjuster works in the best interests of the insurance company, as a licensed public insurance adjuster, I’ll be there to advocate for YOU, the policyholder. The claims process after a storm can be complicated but with my help, I’ll guide you through it. Together, we’ll make sure your damages are documented correctly and your claim is filed properly. You deserve to start rebuilding and getting your home and life back to normal.

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Don’t be at a disadvantage when negotiating your claim with your Insurance Company and their insurance adjuster. You need a professional public insurance claim adjuster on your side advocating FOR YOU, the policyholder. Contact us today to learn more about how our public adjusters can help maximize and expedite your insurance claim, and get you the full and fair recovery settlement you deserve when you need it.

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