Public Adjuster

What is a Public Adjuster?

Public Adjusters (PAs), also referred to as Public Insurance Adjusters, are employed by YOU, the policyholder, to advocate on your behalf. We are licensed professionals trained to handle property loss insurance claims for individual homeowners and businesses. Whereas your Insurance Company may already have their own Adjuster assigned to your claim, Public Adjusters are completely INDEPENDENT and UNAFFILIATED with insurance companies; that means we will solely advocate for your interests to your Insurance Company and their Adjuster.

A typical home insurance policy may have hundreds of provisions and stipulations with constantly changing forms and endorsements. At D.C. Hogan & Associates, we are equipped with all the software, resources, and experience necessary to ensure your claim is given proper attention, reported accurately, and met with a fair settlement. Let our Public Insurance Adjusters relieve all the stress and hours involved in settling your claim, so you can focus on getting things back to normal.

There are three types of Claims Adjusters:

Staff/Company Adjuster

assigned and employed by the Insurance Company

Independent Adjuster

hired on a contractual basis by the Insurance Company

Public Adjuster (P.A.)

personally hired by the policyholder

The Duties After Loss

When filing an insurance claim, the duties after a loss may seem overwhelming, especially for someone not familiar with the insurance process. D.C. Hogan & Associates can help every step of the way! Our Public Insurance Adjusters provide individualized, professional support to clients navigating the claim process.

At D.C. Hogan & Associates, our Public Insurance Adjusters will:

  • Inspect damage while paying attention to the details;
  • Sift through the debris of damaged personal property, helping to document and inventory each item to ensure every dime is accounted for;
  • Measure and take hundreds of photographs to document loss;
  • Review the Insured Insurance policy for coverage disputes;
  • Estimate the amount of loss using the latest software and submit the findings to the Insurance Carrier;
  • Meet the Insurance Claim Adjuster on site to review the finding and argue on your behalf;
  • Negotiate and maximize your settlement;
  • File a Proof of Loss with your Insurance Company.

Contact D.C. Hogan & Associates

Don’t be at a disadvantage when negotiating your claim with your Insurance Company and their insurance adjuster. You need a professional public insurance claim adjuster on your side advocating FOR YOU, the policyholder. Contact us today to learn more about how our public adjusters can help maximize and expedite your insurance claim, and get you the full and fair recovery settlement you deserve when you need it.

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