Storm Damage

Texas Winter Storm Insurance Claims

Texas experienced unprecedented winter weather in mid-February, leaving millions of Texans without power or water for days. In the wake of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures like we’ve never seen before, many homeowners are left dealing with major home and property damage. The insurance process can be overwhelming after a storm, but you don’t have to handle it alone. As a licensed public insurance adjuster in Texas, I will advocate for you. Let me assist you in filing your insurance claim and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Texas Winter Storm Damages

With little time to prepare for a deep freeze, many Texas homeowners suffered major property damage due to the winter storm weather. If you’re facing the costs of emergency repairs to your home, contact me today. As a public insurance adjuster, I work for YOU, the policyholder, not your insurance company.

Common storm damages include:

  • Fire damage – Fires can happen during a winter storm from things such as an unattended fireplace, space heaters near flammable objects, and more.
  • Flood damage – Flooding and water damage may occur when pipes freeze and burst due to freezing temperatures.
  • Roof damage – During a winter storm, wind, ice, snow, sleet, etc. can cause missing shingles, collapsing roofs, roof leaks, and more.
  • Wind damage – Freezing winds contribute to lower temperatures and can damage a home by blowing over trees and debris.
  • Hail damage – The combination of hail, wind, and freezing temperatures can lead to shattered windows, roof damage, and more.

Homeowners Insurance for Winter Storm Damage

Home insurance policies can be long and confusing, leaving many homeowners unsure about what exactly is covered by their policy. Do you have fire coverage? Could your policy reimburse you for food spoilage due to the power outage? What should you do if your neighbor’s tree caused damage to your property? With my years of knowledge and experience handling insurance claims, I can help review your homeowners insurance policy and ensure you get maximum compensation. I’ve helped hundreds of Texas residents deal with their insurance companies after weather disasters, and I can help you too.

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